When Tim & Johanna inquired about their San Francisco elopement, I was beyond excited for many reasons. Of course, I love San Francisco and the Bay, it’s one of my favorite places and to capture such a special moment would be incredible. I also knew that I’d be able to visit my younger brother who lives there.

I decided to pack up the family for a little vacation on the West Coast. It was my daughter’s first time flying, which was so exciting for us and her. We certainly had a fun filled week, hanging with old friends and doing new things with Emilia. The real reason, however, was to be with this wonderful couple who traveled all the way from Germany to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, to the day, by eloping in San Francisco City Hall.


Before I tell you about their day, let me just start by saying something about Tim and Johanna. They are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. They’re quick to laugh and find humor in almost anything and the gentleness they have towards each other is something to envy. After spending the entire day together, I did indeed miss them.


The day was finally had finally come. With all the planning, emails back and forth, here we were! When I arrived at Triple Twist Salon, Johanna was in the middle of her beautification while Tim was taking it all in. Johanna had hand made her bouquet the day before as well as Tim’s boutonniere. Just amazing!


From there, we headed straight to City Hall. If you’re not familiar with City Hall weddings, it’s very much like going to the DMV. Well, not exactly.. haha. There are lines and tickets with numbers being called while,”Now serving number 1071 in Lane B” flashes on LED’s in the hallway. But you aren’t waiting to deal with your expired registration, no! You are there on the happiest day- your wedding day! Imagine a DMV of LOVE!


Once the paper work was good to go, we walked to the bottom of the grand stairway for the ceremony. If you never been inside SF City Hall, I highly recommend it. The building is absolutely stunning. The ceremony was quick and official.


What follows was a day filled with taking in the sites as husband and wife in the great city by the bay. A Powell & Market trolley, the Lion Street Steps, a stroll through the Palace of Fine Arts, a view from Sutro Baths and a kiss at Battery Spencer is how these travelers loved in San Francisco.