This past weekend was a whirlwind of weddings and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The whirlwind and weather continued right through Sunday evening when I met Chris and Michelle for the their esession. I was a little concerned, however, as I turned the corner of Chapel and Church downtown New Haven. I found myself almost right in the middle of a Bernie Sanders rally. I thought I would never find a parking space but totally lucked out.


I couldn’t miss Michelle & Chris if tried. Their giant golden balloons were glowing in the late day sun, blowing too. Blowing so much in fact, that before I took even one picture, two of the three balloons were off and away. I instantly reached for my camera to document their existence as Chris just shook his head in disbelief. We were off to a good start. Minus loosing the balloons, it was a great time. Check out some images of this wonderful couple from a beautiful night in New Haven.


Congrats you guys! Can’t wait for the wedding!